Tommy Baggers


The journey began in 2004 when baggers weren’t mainstream and choppers ruled the custom bike market. One afternoon I took my buddy’s bagger out for a ride. This bagger had a heavily modified engine with a race clutch and transmission installed to transfer the horsepower to the pavement. Needless to say that ride changed my life.


I purchased a new bagger, had it lowered and a six-speed gearset installed. Shortly after that, the existing audio system was removed and replaced with an aftermarket system. This is when I created my first custom part for baggers.


Every year it was the same thing. I was always looking for new custom parts/ideas in magazines, parts catalogs, bike shows, poker runs, rallies and while out riding. During the winter months I was having new mods installed. Some of which included a big inch motor, fuel and air intake system, exhaust, hydraulic clutch, ride stabilizer and rims.


One weekend in the early spring I decided to utilize my free time and background as a Mechanical Designer/Engineer to make a set of custom floorboards for my bagger. I had been looking for something in the market for years and couldn't find anything I liked. My goal was simple, I wanted to make something unique that would retain the original fit, form and function of the factory parts.


After multiple design variations that weekend, I finally had a set of custom floorboards I wanted to install on my bagger. Tommy Baggers was born.

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